Humor in these times


Sanders, known as a “climate hawk,” has made fighting global warming a central part of his 2016 presidential bid and thrown his weight behind “Green New Deal” legislation championed by Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “And maybe here’s the biggest crisis of all,” Sanders said in his Tuesday night rebuttal to Trump’s call for border wall funding. “The scientific community has made it very clear in telling us that climate change is real and is causing devastating harm to our country and the entire planet.”

ABSOLUTE DOOM in 12 years! A scientist agrees. Oops, did we say scientist? We meant “scientist

We really need a new Beulah the Buzzer sound that goes off in a humorous way when these clowns start talking nonsense like this.

We’re quite serious about this last point. It’s not enough just to make a coherent argument against this insanity (what rich people who passionately believe in the global warming idiocy are selling their million dollar properties in the Hamptons, Palm Beach, Santa Barbara, etc? – ANSWER=NONE of course). There should be an alarm going off, or some other thing that will spray fireworks on the nuttiness, but in a funny and entertaining way. Suggestions welcome.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Perhaps 15 years ago I recall reading about a a large asteroid that was supposed to hit the Earth in 2032 (or thereabouts). Anyway they quickly changed the story saying their calculations were incorrect.

    If one is a conspiracy theorist, one could surmise that the original calculation was correct and the solution was changed to ward off widespread panic. So perhaps we only have 13 years instead of 12?

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