No, it’s not SOTU, it’s VDH driving around.

Update: pretty good and popular SOTU, but then again, anything’s got to be better than this. Pow Wow the Indian boy, loved all the animals and the woods.

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  1. Bob Risko Says:

    Of course, it’s not always a ‘bad trip…’

    I once drove Pacific Coast Highway, on a moonlit night in June, from Los Angeles all the way to San Simeon (Hearst Castle). Well, my girlfriend in fact drove, which was great, because I got to take in the scenery with no distractions. Selfish, I know, but there it was. Anyway, unbelievable is the only word; I’d never taken a drive like it before, and I’ve never taken a drive like it since. Pacific Coast Highway sometimes hugs the coast, twisting and turning with the shore, and sometimes hugs the mountains, rising and falling with the land. How can I describe the sensation? Especially with my girlfriend’s slightly heavy foot, my stomach was always jumping a little, my heart racing a little, my breath catching a little. A scenic tour, by natural roller coaster, under silvery California moonlight: that’s as close as I can come. Speaking of which, topping it off was a moment of serendipity, when I realized I’d brought Ella and Oscar, with their version of Hampton/Mercer’s Midnight Sun. There couldn’t have been a happier coincidence.

    At least that’s the way I remember it…

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