“Climate Change” – the religion of idiots

Powerline, then Reuters:

Climate change is the top security concern in a poll conducted by the Washington-based Pew Research Center, followed by Islamist terrorism and cyber attacks while respondents in a growing number of countries worried about the power and influence of the United States.

In 13 of 26 countries, people listed climate change as the top global threat, with the Islamic State militant group topping the list in eight and cyber attacks in four, the non-profit, non-partisan Pew Research Center said in its report.

Worries about climate change have increased sharply since 2013, with double-digit percentage point increases seen in countries including the United States, Mexico, France, Britain, South Africa and Kenya, according to the poll of 27,612 people conducted between May and August, 2018.

Lotsa idiots out there, virtually all of whom can not answer the most basic question correctly. More:

The world’s insects are hurtling down the path to extinction, threatening a “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems”. insects are by far the most varied and abundant animals, outweighing humanity by 17 times. They are “essential” for the proper functioning of all ecosystems. The analysis, published in the journal Biological Conservation, says intensive agriculture is the main driver of the declines, particularly the heavy use of pesticides. Urbanisation and climate change are also significant factors. “If insect species losses cannot be halted, this will have catastrophic consequences for both the planet’s ecosystems and for the survival of mankind”

Matt Shardlow, at the conservation charity Buglife, said: “It is gravely sobering to see this collation of evidence that demonstrates the pitiful state of the world’s insect populations. It is increasingly obvious that the planet’s ecology is breaking and there is a need for an intense and global effort to halt and reverse these dreadful trends.” In his opinion, the review slightly over-emphasises the role of pesticides and underplays global warming

In addition to CO2 being ZERO, so are humor and introspection among the virtue signaling. Gross.

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  1. Bob Risko Says:

    Global temperatures have varied widely for millions of years. Question: Why is a mild increase in temperature – probably inaccurately measured, by the way – over the past few years/decades/centuries (choose your period to suit your prejudice) suddenly cause for concern? Answer: the concern has more to do with the neuroses, fears, and dysfunctions of a few people rather than with actual facts.

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