So much for winning WWII


you may want to consider what happened to Bob Garthwait, an alumnus of and major donor to Pennsylvania’s Gettysburg College — and until this week a college trustee. Mr. Garthwait resigned from the board Tuesday after a photo emerged of him as a Gettysburg undergraduate in 1980. He was at a theme party based on the classic sitcom Hogan’s Heroes, and Mr. Garthwait was dressed as a guard at a German prisoner-of-war camp, complete with swastika armband. A student found the image in the college yearbook and took it to a professor, Stephen Stern. The professor took it to the school newspaper and the administration. The administration almost certainly pressured Mr. Garthwait — who had endowed a “leadership center” on campus — to resign.

Pathetic. We always considered that TV show emblematic of something strong and good. If a country can make a comedy of a POW camp a mere 20 years after the war, that country is a very confident place. Oh, BTW LeBeau and Sergeant Shultz were both Jewish, and LeBeau actually was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp.

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  1. Bob Risko Says:

    Oh, and Werner Klemperer (Colonel Klink), son of famed conductor Otto Klemperer (see the Deutsche Grammophon catalog) and a talented musician in his own right, was also Jewish, as were many of the Nazi officer guest stars. ALL knew full well that the point of each and every episode was to ridicule Nazism — not celebrate it! What a ridiculous idea! And the overall “theme” of Hogan’s Heroes, by the way, was that Yankee ingenuity won the war. Which it did, according to reliable worldwide sources.

    What’s wrong with people today?

  2. Bosun Says:

    In answer to your question. From my perspective much of it revolves around the DUMBING DOWN. The population is flat out DUMB. What passes for education is just PC indoctrination, cranking out useful idiots. They know no history and have no sense of humor. What we have is a cultural revolution in the tradition of Chairman Mao. Borrowing from Dick Marcinko: :Doom on us!”

  3. Hawk1776 Says:

    Robert Clary, who played LeBeau on the series, was a Holocuast survivor. Clary was imprisioned at Buchenwald. He wasn’t offended by the show.

  4. Sam L. Says:

    They LOVE being outraged. Pumps up all those endorphins.

  5. Brother John Says:

    This is the end result of a generation with nothing to do raised on the self-esteem movement. They have to go out looking for enemies, the real ones having long been put down.

  6. ruralcounsel Says:

    Leon Askin, who played General Burkhalter, was an Austrian Jew and had been beaten by the SS in 1933, which is how he got that scar on his face. Emigrating to America, he served in the U.S. Army Air Force as a Staff Sergeant during WWII. His parents died in Treblinka concentration camp.

  7. Fred Z Says:

    Sounds like Bob Garthwait is the weak link here.

    A guy so weak he will resign as a result of pressure from asshole lefties, should resign.

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