Making mountains out of 2 non-existent molehills

(a) Out of 1000 molecules of air, how many are CO2? Answer ZERO, as we say all the time. (b) Out of 1000 human beings, how many are not XX or XY? Answer ZERO as well.

Since life today in the US is so much longer, richer, more peaceful and comfortable than any other time in human history, people have to whip up ZERO-type problems into catastrophic crises for some reason or other. (a) Thus the planet only has 12 years left before destruction. (b) Thus the nutty wailing about so-called transgenderism – hey, snip this or that, you’re still XX or XY. In both cases, it’s really that simple.

We’d like to take a moment to give credit for ability to count to ZERO to Jim Morrison, whose song’s long version playing over and over in our head helped us out in a math test.

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