Kavanaugh and Roberts — and Barrett?

We read this at PL: “John Roberts and the court’s newest member, Brett Kavanaugh, have voted in tandem on nearly every case that’s come before them since Kavanaugh joined the court in October. They’ve been more likely to side with the court’s liberal justices than its other conservatives.”

Paul adds: “it looks like Trump is batting .500 on Supreme Court Justices. That’s the traditional Republican success rate, but it’s not good enough. Perhaps we’ll see a better, more reliably conservative version of Kavanaugh as time goes on. That’s not usually how it works, however. It usually works the other way around.” Ok then we thought at the time.

We took a snooze and upon waking, had a completely different perspective: he’s making it a tiny bit easier for the next justice to be confirmed, and it is entirely a plan. He’s the new moderate Kennedy in his joining the left side in decisions, so picking anyone is ok. Even Barrett:

“When Notre Dame law professor and possible Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett was nominated for the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, her affiliation with a religious group called People of Praise raised red flags. It was some sort of cult, they implied. Senator Dianne Feinstein famously reproved the nominee by intoning that ‘the dogma lives loudly within you and that’s of concern’.

“As for Barrett herself, it seems that she lives her faith. She and her husband have seven children including one with special needs and two adopted from Haiti. Her former colleagues on the Notre Dame law-school faculty, many of whom have disagreements with Barrett, unanimously endorsed her nomination to the Circuit Court, describing her as ‘brilliant’ and also ‘generous’ and ‘warm.’ They wrote: ‘She possesses in abundance all of the other qualities that shape extraordinary jurists: discipline, intellect, wisdom, impeccable temperament, and above all, fundamental decency and humanity’.”

Religious? 7 kids? Trump likes? Another Catholic? What about Roe v. Wade, and AGW and LGBTQIA?

When Justice CNN RBG retires, Barrett will get the Kavanaugh treatment from the Congressional and media leftists. As bad as that will be, if Kavanaugh were adjudicating today as the new Antonin Scalia, Barrett would become the new conservative vote absolutely unacceptable to the left. Kavanaugh is doing the only thing that can help Barrett out, even if it’s relatively minor in the overall scheme of things.

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  1. Neil Says:

    Yikes. If you’re playing 5D chess, it’s the obvious move, isn’t it? But that is so very much NOT what the Court is supposed to do.

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