A question or two re Pete

This fellow Pete appears extremely articulate out of the gate in this speech. Quite impressive. But fifteen minutes in, the nonsense surfaces big-time. You think you’re watching CNN and MSNBC together at once. At twenty minutes in, the “greatest security issue of our time,” you guessed it: climate change. Do they really believe this crap or is it just on the checklist? We really wonder about that. Hucksters are one thing; too dumb to breathe is quite another. “Our lives are on the line.” Puh-leeze.

To conclude, here’s a love note from the NYT in 2016. And here’s David Horowitz. As usual, two universes that don’t overlap. Bonus fun: Pete wrote a book that got gushing reviews from the usual suspects. Based on the first few minutes of the speech above, we thought it might be interesting. Given the boring PC nonsense fifteen minutes in, it has no purpose but as kindling, and not of the Amazon variety.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Great piece by Horowitz.

    Saner dems are sounding the alarm, saying the dems can’t win next year with this type of crazy messaging. So far the pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

    What is worrisome is whether or not the craziness is now mainstream dem thinking? It sure is looking that way.

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