A little fun and a question

For fun, try the climatistas. For the non-fun, try Andy McCarthy. Here’s the question: if you were Russia or China, and you wanted to fiddle around with elections and candidates, wouldn’t you try to get dirt on both candidates, and also provide some indirect back-channel compensation or favors to their family and friends? (Hey FBI and DOJ, we can save you two years and $35 million.)

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Off topic, a great read at Belmont Club:

    How Long before the Fate of Benedict’s Church Is the Fate of the West?

    From Wretchard:

    Although the fires that damaged the Notre Dame in Paris and almost started at St. Patrick’s in New York City during Holy Week seemed to underscore the disaster that had overtaken the Church, Rod Dreher points out that the flameless burning of the Western world’s secular cathedrals has been happening for some time. An ongoing and relentless purge of politically incorrect academic thought at institutions of higher learning has been proceeding apace. Librarians call it weeding and have already removed millions of books from campus collections. “At the University of California, Santa Cruz … the removal of 80,000 books from the Science and Engineering Library last summer sparked uproar among faculty … more than 60 science and math faculty members signed a letter to university librarian M. Elizabeth Cowell complaining they hadn’t been adequately consulted on which books could be discarded and which ones had to be saved.” It’s not fringe behavior, but a program abroad in the noonday sun. Dreher points out that a senior librarian at MIT openly regards “white” books as a waste of space and a legacy of oppression. Her article in the Association of Research Libraries argues the challenge now is to “build diverse and inclusive library environments that contribute to social justice.”

  2. feeblemind Says:

    The Climatista points are spot on.

  3. Bosun Says:

    “Cultural Revolution” anyone? We seem to headed into a “Dark Ages” period. To borrow from the legendary SEAL philosopher Dick Marcinko: “Doom on us!”

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