1984, again and again

We mentioned Roger Scruton before. Here’s a really depressing update.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    There is no room for forgiveness or redemption with today’s SJWs

    The Impassable Road to Redemption

    From the article:

    Is this what progressives imagine constitutes social justice these days? Willful ignorance and an insistence that everything a person is or will ever be can be gleaned from their very worst moment? Should a gang member be allowed to change? Should a drug addict be allowed to clean up? Should a drunk be allowed to get sober? If it were just the poetry community, I might have chalked this allergy to personal progress up to the usual performative melodrama. But it isn’t. It’s something infecting our whole culture. Not only is no-one allowed to change for the better anymore, no one is even allowed to be understood, much less forgiven.


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