A modern religion has developed huge problems

We’re watching as the oddest religion of today experiences disintegration. (1) A Maunder Minimum and ZERO CO2 do not Global Warming make. (2) If the XY’s can, without consequences, pretend they are XX’s, in a few years there will be ZERO women who are number one in women’s sports competitions. (3) Guys who have media programs and guys with PhD’s who’ve have written two dozen books still believe in Collusion, Collusion, Collusion. 1,2,3 are all utter nonsense, and yet the true believers in the religion of leftism continue to deeply believe this rot.

Why? It doesn’t start with logic of course. A psychologist of our acquaintance suggested that these priests and nuns of the new religion all feel oppressed by people and forces around them, and seek to raise themselves up in their superiority to those who do not obey their ever expanding list of the Ten Commandments. 1st Commandment, Global Warming disaster. 2nd Commandment, LGBTQIAs rule. 3rd Commandment, Trump/voters evil idiot devil criminals. The list will go on and on, except that the gap between their thinking and reality has grown so enormous. Thus Wretchard predicting a coming paradigm shift. We’ll see, but it’s clear that something’s got to give.

Final oddity: if you have tenure at a prestigious university, hence essentially good income for life, how can you go around feeling oppressed? Weird.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    re We’ll see, but it’s clear that something’s got to give.

    I fear things will get worse before they get better. I hope I am wrong.

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