Ken Jennings was lucky

He was on Jeopardy for fifteen weeks in 2004. If it were today, it would be this via WaPo:

Night after night for more than two weeks, “Jeopardy!” champion James Holzhauer has crushed two opponents on the venerable game show like a pair of bugs. To the multitudes who have rooted Holzhauer on, I have just one question: Do you not see that this guy is a menace? The only thing more troubling, as a commentary on American culture, than his grinning, relentless, march to victory — regardless of when, or if, it ends — is that millions celebrated it. Like the number crunchers who now rule America’s pastime, Holzhauer substitutes cold, calculating odds-maximization for spontaneous play. His idea is to select, and respond correctly to, harder, big-dollar clues

Gosh, what an odd approach to a TV game show, trying hard to win. A billion years ago, we were on a TV show called High School Tournament, a junior version of College Bowl, and we actually got one answer correct! Take that, Ken and James!

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  1. Neil Says:

    Harrison Bergeron, call your office…

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