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If our secular elites have a religion, it revolves around the environment. Elements of the old plutocracy remain, such as those old-line energy firms and manufacturers resistant to the orthodox green approach. But the leaders of virtually all the top tech companies — Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook work assiduously to identify themselves with what are seen as environmental values. The coffers of environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, receive huge donations, often as high as $100 million, from wealthy moguls like Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg, and Richard Branson.

As in the Middle Ages, environmental activism has adopted an apocalyptic tone; when President Obama was elected, NASA’s James Hansen, one of the icons of the climate change movement, opined that the new Chief Executive had just “four years to save the earth.” In 2008, ABC claimed that Manhattan would be “underwater” by 2015, and such claims are routinely accepted in media, academic, and political circles without much skepticism. Like the Medieval church, the acolytes of this movement have little patience for rational debate; those — including one of the founders of Greenpeace and former members of the UN International Panel on Climate Change — who have raised objections to the current direction of climate advocacy find themselves demonized and marginalized.

In California, arguably the global center for climate alarmism, green policies have helped raise energy and housing prices to unaffordable levels, creating the highest poverty rates in the country. This has occurred even though per capita emissions reductions were less than those of 39 other states. California has also exported greenhouse gas emissions, most famously by manufacturing in coal-heavy china, thereby reducing its own carbon footprint, but not that of the world.

NYC has 0.001 of world population and allegedly will ban hot dogs. CA has 0.005, and you can get 6 months in jail for giving somebody a plastic straw. Progress!!!

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    The Ruling Class does seem to be completely out of touch with the little people, and yet they are still firmly in control.

    So perhaps it doesn’t matter that they are out of touch?

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