A timely suggestion for the administration

Lately we’ve been railing against the disgusting and smug billionaire monopolists. In addition to all the other damage they do, they’re doing pretty well at destroying the First Amendment as they manipulate public opinion against conservatism, particularly among the young. They also don’t stop expanding their power, having done 431 acquisitions for over $150 billion over the last ten years.

So what is the administration doing about this? So far, not much beyond tweeting. Ridiculous, the time for action is now, and the opportunity is once in a lifetime. Imagine another issue on which Donald Trump could be perfectly aligned with Ralph Nader, Elizabeth Warren, and maybe even Snoop Dogg – it’s a pretty short list indeed!

Yes, we understand of course that there are important legal issues regarding these antitrust moves. As a piece in the Yale Law Journal observes (HT:ML), the “predatory pricing” at Amazon doesn’t gouge consumers, rather the opposite: the low prices are aimed at putting competitors and other nuisances to Bezos out of business. (Bezos, BTW, has been known to act precisely like Vito Corleone.)

The time to act is NOW; the situation is going to get even worse as time goes on.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    OK. break up the big social media companies.

    Wanna know what will happen?

    All the CEOs of the newly formed companies will be clones of the smug nefarious CEOs in control now. They are all members of the same club. NOTHING will change.

    The problem is they have Government’s tacit approval to censor news and opinions.

    Government could end this problem next week if they so desired. Make the social media companies common carriers and not liable for anything posted on their sites. Then start filing suits for people’s civil rights being violated by abridging their freedom of speech.

    I still don’t understand how a cake baker can be forced to make cakes for an ideology they are uncomfortable with while the big social media companies can ban anyone THEY don’t agree with.

    This situation exists because the Ruling Class wants it that way, and it won’t change even if the internet monopolies are broken up.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    Steyn is on board with breaking them up:


    In the end, the solution to Facebook and Google/YouTube is to break them up before they police every aspect of human existence on the planet. And right now the only prominent politician pledging to do that is …Elizabeth Warren. In the meantime, in our modest corner of the Internet, our policy is to try and do as much as possible independent of the Big Tech oligarchies – because anything else just accelerates the shrinking number of entities that control access to all information.

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