Not your Heinz 57

Before clicking on this, speculate on what 57% of a group might agree on. As a benchmark, note that Reagan got around that as a percent of the vote in 1984, so it’s a non-trivial amount of agreement. We were going to leave matters there, but hilarity has ensued. We quote from a “news” channel:

“In keeping with his practice of not having anything better to do, out came a tweet from President Seabiscuit. Remember when they used to give Mr. Ed peanut butter so it would look like he was talking on tv? This is sort of like if Mr. Ed had a Twitter-page and inhaled a jar of Skippy.”

Now we understand the 57%. A good portion of this country has gone insane. Bonus fun: VDH on James Cardinal Comey, a truly weird guy.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    If 35% of the population are solid dem voters and 57% of THOSE are crazy, that would make about 20% of the voters crazy.

    Can the country survive with that many crazies out there?

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