The answer: arrogant lack of Plan B has created this nuttiness

Why the “rage-on strategy” with Trump when so many of us know it is stupid and silly? The answer is: they have no Plan B, and never in their wildest imaginings did they ever think they would need one. They have believed they are gods. Plan A was “Russia.” Almost certainly they believed it, since their own side had a lot of monkey business with Putin, and sauce for the goose, etc. Also not unreasonable, since their target was a NYC real estate developer, and no doubt had done some shady things from time to time. Putin? Put him on a long list.

Back to the business about them being gods in their own minds, therefore no Plan B was necessary. The Comey situation is illustrative. You go from putting Martha Stewart in the can to joining the exclusive beltway club. You only make $170K a year there, but the magic part is that you can flip that to $6MM a year at a company where 70% of its $50 billion revenue comes from the government. Hey, one hand washes the other. (We all know that, one way or another, guys like Brennan, Clapper and the other criminals have their own sweet deals. That’s what membership in the club gets you.)

It also gets you no oversight under normal circumstances. So what if you submit multiple phony FISA warrant applications? No club member is going to call you on it – under normal circumstances. Under normal circumstances Plan A works all the time, one way or another. Hence our current situation, that greatest rarity when Plan A fails to work, and hence the nuttiness and ever louder banging the gong, as they await their new outfits, not from Savile Row.

Update: consider the Sharyl Attkisson case. It’s even worse than we thought.

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  1. Bosun Says:

    This is third world stuff. A sure sign of an empire in decline!

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