Yawn – everybody in the Other America now knows what happened

First read VDH. Beyond that, we get all hazy with the details about bringing the crooks to justice. There’s this guy Barr, another guy Durham, some other guy with the title IG, whatever that is. They’re going to put on a long long play for the next couple of years that the media will find very boring.

Our play would have one scene. The Three Stooges go to the White House for an “intelligence” briefing. At the end of it, the FBI Stooge tells the other two to go, because he has a secret to impart. The secret is the Dossier, with its pee pee platter or pupu platter or whatever. The purpose of the disclosure is twofold: (a) legitimizing the Dossier as a news story because the President has been briefed on it; and (2) doing a CYA for the Stooges themselves. After the White House briefing, the FBI Stooge calls the DNI Stooge and says Mission Accomplished, after which the Dossier is promptly leaked to the media. Then Lights Camera Action for 2+ years!

It must be fun to be in the club that the Three Stooges belong to. After all, it’s a club where you go from making $170,000 one year to $6,000,000 the next year. Which is all swell until you have to start wearing the orange jumpsuit perhaps sometime in the next decade. Whether that happens or not, at least we know now a critical part of what the Stooges and their fellow club members did.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Citizen journalists. Doing the work the media won’t do. A long read:

    About James Comey seems there are a few crusaders that want to make a patsy out of him and defend all he’s done. Let’s take a deep dive into James Come and peel back the layers. I will make this as thorough as I can, fair and balanced. I’ll start with a brief background on Comey


  2. UncleFred Says:

    If you truly think this is going to drag out for a coupe of years without indictments and (hopefully) trials, you haven’t paid any attention to how Trump deal with enemies or disloyalty.

    I’ll be you a beverage of your choice that by September, the first of the grand jury indictments will have hit the press.

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