The Midnight Sun, again and again and again – sigh


There is a “major shift” afoot in corporate America on climate change, according to Axios. On Monday, energy reporter Amy Harder reported that major companies “across virtually all sectors of the economy, including big oil producers, are beginning to lobby Washington, D.C., to put a price on carbon dioxide emissions.” These companies, in other words, are asking the government to make them pay more in taxes in an effort to solve global warming.

“The nonprofit Ceres, which works on sustainable investments, is organizing a lobbying push this week with more than 75 companies, including BP, Microsoft and Tesla.” A group called “CEO Climate Dialogue,” made up of 13 Fortune 500 companies, also launched this week. And another lobbying group called “Americans for Carbon Dividends” was recently promised $1 million from two oil companies.

So why are corporations so passionate about a carbon? “It’s not really about saving the planet,” Harder noted. Indeed, in the face of growing public support for climate action, these companies increasingly realize they need to throw their weight behind some kind of climate policy. They want a carbon tax because it doesn’t threaten the industry’s very existence and allows them to keep polluting—so long as they pay for it.

drastic action is necessary to prevent catastrophe, and a carbon tax simply isn’t drastic enough. To keep global warming in check, the economy needs to be completely decarbonized by the year 2050 — and the changes that will get us there need to be in place in the next 11 years.

These idiots are trying to turn this into TZ’s most boring episode. (That was 1961 and we’re still here, whew!) Hmmm, did we say idiots? Yes.

Example: better not use cauliflower as part of the solution, according to the genius in our midst.

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  1. Bosun Says:

    There appears to be NO bottom to the DUMBING DOWN! How empires end.

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