Miscellany, some of it fun

(1) Nun supremacy. When we looked at this idiotic chart, we recalled that in first grade, Sister Isabelle Mary used to give us arithmetic speed tests; you had to put your pencil down when time was up, whether or not you got all the addition and subtraction done. This is contrary to most of the chart on what’s not allowed in NYC schools. (2) That fish is a little smelly – what caused it? (3) Bismark in drag – really? (4) Caution, geniuses at work. (5) Baba Booey alert! CNN political commentary.

Bonus Question: what percent of high school seniors can translate the phrase Sic semper tyrannis and know at least one of its uses in American history?

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  1. Bob Risko Says:

    Catholic education has so many drawbacks that it’s impossible to list them here. That said, nuns and priests understand discipline, drive, and determination in education, all of which seem to be lacking in today’s educational world. God forgive them for their weaknesses, and bless them for their strengths.

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