Blather, rinse, repeat

The SJW’s are one of the most annoying groups in US history. Their lifespans are 2x those of 1861 America. GDP per capita is something like 200x what it was back then. Ah yes, back then. Hey in other Ancient History, 2005, we thought that your iPod was ruining America, but that was before everyone had a device in their pocket more powerful than all of Apollo 11’s NASA computers, to broadcast Absolute Truth (e.g., here and here). So now the SJW’s target Mel Brooks of course. We think a useful regulatory development for the twit generation would for them to have to repeat “I see nothing, I know nothing” 500 times before their comments can be posted. (HT: Silent Cal)

In other news, D-Day is almost gone.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Behold, the “GLOBAL EDITOR IN CHIEF of Business Insider ” – an elite journalist.

    A stunning admission:

  2. feeblemind Says:

    re Mel Brooks

    It was inevitable the SJWs would go after him sooner or later.

    Where will it all end?

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