How does it all end?

(a) Not well, that’s for sure. We talked about the appalling arrogance and ignorance of the young the other day, and it’s hard to see that changing, except for the worse, anytime soon. (b) RLS and Instapundit say social media spells doom, and that seems right. (c) Hey, maybe June 4 Hong Kong will show us some nasty leading indicator re implications of China’s overleverage. (d) Finally, um re endings, oh yes, you could lose on Final Jeopardy.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Well, despite how much we might rage and argue and/or offer solutions, it’s like trying to change the direction of the wind. It just doesn’t care what we think.

    We are too small and insignificant to effect change. I fear all we can do is chronicle the madness, hang on with white knuckles and (hopefully) have ourselves braced well enough to survive the crash at the end.

    Re Jeopardy. That was something. One wonders why the champ wasn’t a more aggressive bidder at the end? Surely he wasn’t paid to take a dive? It has happened before. Either way, it was a remarkable run.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    BTW, another great read from Wretch.

    North Carolina State University scholar Jason Miller was so dismayed by the newly declassified information on Martin Luther King that he halted his “two scholarly projects about King.” For one thing, any new research on King could potentially become radioactive in the era of #MeToo. Miller wrote:

    I’ve also started thinking about what happens next.

    What will the next Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrations look like?

    Will other details emerge? Will more women come forward?
    Will community centers, schools and streets need to be renamed?
    Will statues come down, or will they remain – and give fodder to those who justify keeping Confederate monuments?

    Wretch goes on to make a larger point that truth can be uttered from the lips of scoundrels, but it was the #Metoo comparison that really arrested my attention.

  3. feeblemind Says:


    I meant wagerer, not bidder. I spend too much time on eBay.

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