Very minor Help! and other things

We wanted to watch Jeopardy but the local station had banished it in favor of the NBA. Yawn. Where are Magic, Bird and Jordan? So we flipped through and saw this fellow Don Lemon and John former GOPer Kasich crucifying the Trumpster on Global Warming, aka Climate Change, aka the greatest economic scam in history outside communism and affiliates. Appallingly stupid people yap-yapping like dogs at almost literally nothing. As for real news, there’s apparently a great relationship between the Queen of England and the Evil One, and even some GB media reported that! Who’s free now?

Addendum: piece on Huawei that we haven’t figured out yet, though it’s obvious to us that the administration is doing the right things.

Final point on stupid media – the Mexico tariffs. If you are a real and successful entrepreneur, one of the main things you know is how to negotiate. You use the available tools to get an advantage. Apparently almost zero people in politics understand this plain and obvious fact.

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