We’ll probably have some fun tomorrow on the entertainment side (hey, Victor Fleming directed two movies that aired in 1939), but for now briefly: (a) Wretchard on the very odd Russian sub; (b) things to avoid in Saudi Arabia; (c) Newt has a piece that’s very unusual re 2020 – it’s actually fun to read; (d) the first few PL pictures of the week might not be fully understood at CNN; (e) we occasionally re-link to that piece about the last century of inventions, but the other day someone pointed out a more amazing fact: that the time between the first airplane flight of 852 feet and landing on the moon 1,480,000x further away was less than 66 years. Wow!

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Newt has always been a good political commentator.

    Dan McLaughlin came to the same conclusion a couple of months ago. He thinks Harris will win the nom because she is sufficiently left wing and she checks off the most identity politics/victim boxes.

    Wretch’s column was good but doesn’t shed any new light on the topic.

    As for the first flight to the moon landing. Yeah. It happened in the space of a person’t lifetime.

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