Hide the decline

A guy from the West Village of all places:

The scandal that I call “The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time” is the alteration of official world temperature data by a small number of government employees in the US and the UK. Uniformly, the alterations have the effect of lowering temperatures early in the record, and raising recent temperatures, in order to create and enhance a warming trend that does not exist in the data as originally reported. The purpose of the fraudulent data alteration is to support the continuation of the “global warming” climate scare.

Hide the Decline, as the guy who wiped out the MWP did.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    France is not sitting idly by while the world overheats.

    They are introducing an ‘eco-tax’ on all passengers flying out of the country.

    From the article:

    “France will introduce an “eco-tax” of up to €18 (£16.19) on tickets for all flights leaving the country, the government has announced.

    Transport minister Elisabeth Borne told a news conference that the €180m (£162m) it is expected to raise annually from 2020 would help finance daily transport, notably rail, in the country.

    The new tax will range from €1.50 for short-haul flights and up to €18 for long-haul journeys in business class.

    The move comes amid an escalating planetary climate emergency which is disproportionally being caused by the tiny percentage of people who use planes for transport.

    Only around five per cent of the world’s population takes flights, but air travel contributes an estimated two per cent of the globe’s total carbon emissions. Mile-for-mile it is the most polluting form of transportation.”


    So the air travelers must be punished, or forced to buy an indulgence. Take your pick.

    As the Dinocrat has stated over and over again, this will have ZERO effect on either carbon emissions or the weather. It is however, a fig leaf used to fleece people and feed the government’s insatiable appetite for money.

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