Something there is that doesn’t love a crowd

Yes, we know it’s Robert Frost and Wall, but we like a wall. More to the point, in this PJ piece, Glenn Reynolds is quoted re social media and ancient cities. He’s got a point – the crazy crowds are very infecting and destructive.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    The PJ link goes to Ed Driscoll’s With Attack on U.S. Flag, Colin Kaepernick? Shifts the Goalposts.

    Driscoll raises an intriguing question and I palm slap my forehead for not thinking of it myself.

    Driscoll writes:

    Nonetheless, it’s true that if you search through enough old photos of Klan rallies and neo-Nazi pageants, you can spot a Betsy Ross flag from time to time.

    Do you know what else you can probably spot if you look long and hard enough? Nike sneakers. Does that make Nikes symbols of white supremacy?

    . . . Frankly, I think it would be a brilliant move by these hate groups to do just that. Nike would freak out, giving these attention-seekers a bonanza in free publicity.”

    Hmmm . . . it is counter-intuitive, but yeah.

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