Bi-partisan, what’s that?

Interesting meeting today with Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, who participates in running the bi-partisan No Labels group, composed of 24 D’s and 24 R’s who, oddly enough, work together to get legislation through the House. We were told that roughly 400 seats are safe districts for one party or the other, so that primaries become the real elections. Hence things like the Odd Squad emerge. Hard to see a lot of bi-partisanship in the near term, the way that things are going…

One Response to “Bi-partisan, what’s that?”

  1. feeblemind Says:

    I suppose one should appreciate the symbolism of such a confederation.

    The battle lines are so clearly drawn that few seem to want to be seen fraternizing with the enemy.

    Both sides seem to agree on the uselessness of Ethanol, and both sides at least give rhetorical support to do something about the tech oligarths . . . and yet not only is nothing done, no effort is even put forth.

    I am sure there are other issues both sides could agree on but I don’t see anything happening through the mutual antagonism.

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