The worst Austin Powers movie (or the best?)

As we’ve detailed, Plan A was Russia! to prevent Dr. Evil from becoming president and then taking him out. $30MM and 2 years of Plan A and nothing. Quickly Plan B emerged. Plan B is that Dr. Evil is a Nazi Racist! and that’s too unbelievably silly for words. Plan A wasn’t stupid – hey if you as a Deep Stater can go from earning $170K to $6MM in one year, that’s pretty good – you don’t want a guy screwing that up.

After Mueller (and the facts) took down Plan A, Plan B was quickly deployed: Nazi Racist. It was necessary, despite its obvious silliness to anyone actually paying attention. So MSNBC and CNN call out Dr. Evil 1100 times in ten minutes or so every day.

Plan B is about the 2020 elections in this sense: we think Barr and Durham are going to indict higher ups in the Comey, Clapper, Brennan circle for their obvious crimes. Then the media can and will insist that this is all part of the plot of Dr. Evil to destroy the United States and rename it the States of Fascist Racist Putin’s America.

Hey Betsy, get your new flag ready before you’re killed by Dr. Evil. To the rest of you: get your popcorn ready!

UPDATE: Proving our point: Nadler nonsense – wow, these indictments are going to target big names.

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  1. Bosun Says:

    If it were only so, but I’m afraid these individuals are above the law and beyond it’s reach. “And equal justice for all…….”

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