Everything is out of control right now

“Everything is out of control right now,” said Jamie, a 21-year-old protester, as paramedics were struggling through the crowd. “This movement doesn’t have a leader; everyone does what they want.” Oh, you thought they were talking about this guy and this guy. Who’s smart BTW? Fredo? No, Pavlov, woof. As for the first quote, the dangerous Hong Kong situation continues.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    ‘Something extraordinarily bad is about to happen’: Huge Chinese military build-up filmed on Hong Kong border


  2. feeblemind Says:

    I think the protestors might have a romantic vision of the events that may unfold. I wonder if they realize how dreadful things may become, and how much pain and suffering they could be bringing on themselves?

    So far it has just been a game.

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