One element of the current Civil War

Up until the 1969 school year, anti Vietnam War students could pull the ripcord and get out of military service simply by going to grad school. So of course many did, since they didn’t want to be among the 549,000 Americans stuck in South Vietnam back then. Then the new MA’s and PhD’s went on to teach after milking their deferments for all they were worth. No doubt those deferred moved their teaching departments to the left, and even more so in the 20-30 years after the PhD, when they became influential senior faculty members. Over two generations ruined or nearly so. Oh, you want proof? Take a look at the college grads the New York Times has been hiring (here and here). The company is evidently not hiring many people with IQ’s above 70, or maybe it’s just the appalling “teaching” they’re getting.

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  1. Bosun Says:

    It has been my experience that for sometime now, “new grads” are not even close to work place ready. And they are poorly educated at best. More like indoctrinated. However, they are all very PC and not lacking in self-esteem.

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