Hey, what’s $16 trillion, give or take?

So Bernie’s Green New Deal is $16 trillion, a number approaching the total GNP of the USA. Obviously such a program is insane, since, just for starters, the USA is 4% of world population and so any such plan is meaningless in a world with China, India, etc. But it is very instructive that Bernie, AOC, and other presidential candidates, are preening and preaching this nonsense.

As you know, we trace the left-decline in education to the graduate school guys who were Vietnam draft dodgers, but, as was eminently predictable, the water flowed downhill, way downhill. Thus the Dems can parade utter nonsense like the $16 trillion GND, because they know that the young people won’t figure out its (criminal?) absurdity because they don’t know basic arithmetic. Adding and subtracting are such White Supremacy things, don’t you know.


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  1. Neil Says:

    Hey, you’re behind the times. AOC is noticeably less loquacious since she had that little sit-down with Pelosi, and her chief of staff got ejected. Make of that what you will.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    Millions . . . Billions . . . Trillions . . .

    I would speculate that most Americans not only don’t appreciate the relative difference in those numbers, they can’t comprehend how large they are. A billion, a trillion, it’s all the same to a lot of people, and I would be willing to wager a measurable percentage of the population doesn’t know which number is bigger.

    With that kind of mathematical background, is it any wonder the fantastic dem spending proposals aren’t laughed and ridiculed away by the electorate?

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