The consequences of “we don’t need no edumacation”


10% of Democratic voters below the age of 34 are backing Biden, putting him in a distant third behind Bernie Sanders’s 31% and Elizabeth Warren’s 25%. The former vice president has maintained his frontrunner status thanks to the strength of his support among older voters like the ones in this Rock Hill audience. He dominates the over-65 demographic, for example, with 48 percent support compared with Warren’s 20 percent.

50-60% of the young like socialism, which means what? This: GDP per capita in Venezuela is heading towards $4000 and lower, versus $60,000 in the US; US GDP per capita is 15x that of the socialist paradise, and will be even higher every year. (PLUS: the US actually has food!!!)

K-12, college, and grad school have ruined the young people in this country. Is there any solution?

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    re Is there any solution?

    I fear not.

    A pessimistic piece by Roger Simon today.

    He could well be right. It makes one despair.

    Election 2020: Will America Be the New China?

    I’m not just referring to the violent so-called anarchists of Antifa, who often turn out to be emotionally disturbed community college instructors behind their Guy Fawkes masks, but to the larger zeitgeist. From Big Tech to Hollywood to our media to our campuses to the campaign rhetoric of virtually every Democratic candidate, we are moving toward a homogenization of thought and action that is, well, Chinese communist in style and ultimately in content.

    . . . So an American Cultural Revolution—not that distant from the original Chinese one, except so far no dunce caps—has been put in place by those various elites of the Academic-Hollywood-Media Complex. Actually, it’s been in place for a long time; only now it is escalating and approaching a point of no return.

    Writers and thinkers are ghettoized. Only approved Republican pundits are allowed space, at least for long, in mainstream newspapers or television shows. The arts have become almost entirely off-limits to the right. Conservative professors are an endangered species at our universities, if not already extinct.

    That is why it is no accident that you see Democrat proposals on the 2020 campaign trail that could have been taken from Lenin’s playbook. They are just part of this metastasizing zeitgeist. That these ideas have failed over and over is of no consequence. They sound good.

  2. Bosun Says:

    I’ll second “Feeblemind’s” motion! Along with Simon, I have long thought this “Cultural Revolution” was a Bolshevik operation. We can be thankful at least up to this point, a Trotsky and/or a Stalin is yet to emerge.

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