Back at it

(1) A really fun piece by Andy McCarthy saying we’re all just watching a TV show. Sample: “The Democrats’ media scribes note the chairmen’s admonition that any failure by Pompeo to comply ‘shall constitute evidence of obstruction of the House’s impeachment inquiry.’ What a crock.” (2) This fellow Napolitano seems to have lost his marbles.

2 Responses to “Back at it”

  1. feeblemind Says:

    It’s an interesting piece by McCarthy.

    However, I think that what the Dems in Congress and Napolitano are trying to do is sway public opinion with their theatrics.

    It may be working. A poll this morning shows 45% of Americans including 17% of Republicans want Trump impeached.

    If they keep hammering at the impeachment issue with 24/7 friendly media coverage to an audience that doesn’t fully understand the proceedings, it is very possible they can move public opinion to support a real impeachment.

  2. Bosun Says:

    When it comes to polls, all I can say is ask president Hillary Clinton about their accuracy. My informal polling indicates that this latest coup attempt is, actually, cementing support for DJT.

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