“The skim is the scam” is global and much bigger than we thought (DUH!)

It’s not just that the USA is taking $7 trillion annually from taxpayers and using – what? 3-4% of that, (over $100+ billion?) – to fund the “skim is the scam” club, where politicians take money off the top via both their annual spending deals, as well as fee and equity arrangements with the companies “employing” their family members, or paying relatives’ firms tens of millions of dollars.

We thought it was a BIG truth-giveaway and hallmark of The Elite Skim/Scam Club for Comey to go from a $170K salary to $6MM in one year. Hey. great deal, if rare! Alas, we underestimated the extent of the problem by many billions.

We should have realized that very genteel corporate and government criminal bribing, as in drinking tea with pinky extended, is a huge worldwide enterprise, one in which there is no understatement, as Biden’s openly, loudly bragging about the Ukraine deal shows. No big deal: his kid just got a few bucks to work with. Same with China of course.

The elites of the Globalists get paid very well, both in their real jobs and more importantly in their scams, as is obvious from the above. Hey, the UN alone has a $60 billion annual budget – spread some around! Thus a clear thinking and acting nationalist like Orange Man is a huge threat that must be taken out.

Hence the loudness of CNN and others, because it’s not just about the USA. CNN alone has 36 worldwide offices. How much are the payouts for those to keep running, and what reporting and other services have to be performed for the host countries? Hey, check out CNN in North Korea for a little flavor.

We do not have a good feeling about all this.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Amazing Coincidence That Nancy Pelosi’s Son Also Has Business Connections With Ukraine


    Apparently enriching one’s progeny by stealing from the taxpayers, and/or taking thinly disguised bribes from foreign interests is considered perfectly okay by leftists. One fears it is much more pervasive that one imagines if the leadership is setting this type of example and it is an open secret.

    With a friendly media to protect them, I don’t see this behavior ending any time soon.

  2. Neil Says:

    “…other services….”

    I think perhaps that, right there, is the primary reason for the shrillness we’re seeing in the press. Some of them have been quite naughty.

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