Greatest Commie Plot Ever?


Until 1967, the Vietnam anti-war movement was something of a sideshow — in that year it began to grow significantly in numbers and organization. The growth of the Vietnam anti-war movement was in large measure grounded in self-interest. It became intense only after conscription expanded substantially in the young adult population (first to 29,000 a month and then to 42,000 a month by spring 1968), and after the passage of the Selective Service Act of 1967. That Act made it more difficult to get a draft deferment, and in fact created the violent and intense war protests at elite institutions, since it cancelled graduate school deferments, beginning with the fall 1968 student year. As contemporaneous reporting in the Harvard Crimson demonstrates, the end of the deferments threw elite university students and professors into the frenzy of sit-ins, takeovers, and demonstrations that began in 1968.

Newsflash: We have just received a tape recording of USSR leaders Brezhnev and Kosygin, made sometime after Apollo 11. Excerpts follow.


“We will take advantage of the anti-Vietnam grad students and their teachers and create at least one and maybe two generations of “educators” in the enemy’s universities and high schools that detest their country. The people that then will celebrate the glories of Communism will be able to rule that wretched nation in less than two generations, I’ll bet. Probably some outright sons of Marx, Engels and Stalin will even run for president repeating their ‘truths’ and ‘promises’.”


“And that’s not even the best part, comrade. We understand that NASA will now try to miniaturize the computing power for the moon landing and there are youngsters even now who will commercialize this process, until everyone has a NASA computer on his desk or maybe in his telephone! (laughs follow). At that point we can complete the process of separating children from their parents, their religions, and their national traditions. Trivial games and twitterings and the knowledge that Washington, Lincoln, and their Constitution are terrible evils are what will remain.”

We heard that Ludlum tried to sell the story back in the days before the Berlin Wall fell, but publishers just wouldn’t bite. Too bad…

Update: The commies didn’t mention that the 4th estate and the 5th estate (the Deep State bureaucrats) would be all-in.

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