(1) Ancient history at the end of Bulgarmarsh Road. (2) More ancient history. (3) Ancient Friday lunches with g’pa. (4) A pleasant read. (5) RLS does 711 words so we don’t have to.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    re more ancient history:

    Married at 15, Dead at 20.

    An heiress’ abusive husband is accused convicted, and acquitted on appeal.

  2. Bob Risko Says:

    I used to go to Angelo‚Äôs on Federal Hill in Providence on weekend nights when I was in college. The portions (then, at least) tended to be a little small — my friends and I would sometimes order two entrees to make up for that — but the quality of the pasta was top-notch. (I was particularly fond of the meat ravioli in red sauce myself.) A great memory.

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