Austin Bay: “what a stunning victory and an embarrassment for Beijing. Turnout was 71% – most impressive. The pro-democracy candidates won around 90% of the vote for the 452 contested seats on Hong Kong’s 18 district councils. A late report gave the freedom fighters 389 seats and the Beijing faction about 60. The freedom fighters now control 17 districts. What a wipeout.” Wow.

CR: “In a city of some 7.5 million, a record-breaking 2.94 million people turned out to vote — amounting to more than 70% of a record-breaking 4.1 million registered voters. Hong Kong has 18 District Councils, all of which were controlled by pro-government figures prior to this election. On Sunday, that switched radically. Voters gave Hong Kong’s pro-democracy contingent control over 17 of the 18 District Councils.” Wow again.

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