The most boring criminals ever, except for the media’s cover up

The crooks’ screenplay, as predicted here so many times: Barr is POLITICAL, political! Oops, sorry, we meant that Barr is POLITICAL, political! There was an OBVIOUS EXCELLENT REASON to investigate Orange Man in, ummmmm, 2016 (except for it’s being “the greatest scandal in American political history“). So attention CNN, MSDNC: LIGHTS, CAMERA, Resist!!!

If the media were only a little bit honest we might lock up Comey, Brennan, Clapper, etc., (and maybe their boss) expeditiously. But hey, the other side has a great point: being a successful RE entrepreneur in awful NYC and a TV star can only mean one thing: mental illness – just ask the Yale professor in lovely New Haven. Hey, maybe Orange Man should have done some real estate there. We took a class with Richard Lee so we know a little about how tough things were or are.

Brief gross unrelated update: the D candidates continue to be insane.

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