Quiet no more

We weren’t kidding. It was all about being quiet. In 1984-think, it’s much easier to control the quiet, and the Central Committee (whoever they are) has pretty much gotten away with it. They’ve ruined K-PhD, not to mention the Ivy League, etc. If you don’t believe XX and XY are interchangeable, you’re a hater, banned like Martina Navratilova. If you don’t believe in catastrophic global warming, you’re an enemy of science (and please shut up about Obama spending $12MM to be on the shore of soon-to-be-flooded Martha’s Vineyard).

Things were moving along swimmingly, as it were, until something happened. That something is Orange Man. It’s not so much that he screwed up The Narrative of the Central Committee, though he did. What drives them insane is that he screwed up their effortless control of The Narrative (which has been moving along quite nicely as you can see). The tweets and talk of Orange Man are a role model in not shutting up when the Central Committee tells you to, and hence he must be destroyed.

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