We finally understand

So as we go for the morning jog and listen to Pacifica, we’ll no longer be shocked when the Harvard profs and Yale shrinks say that the difference between Satan and Orange Man is that the latter actually exists. For a long time now they have believed that their Progressive worldview is universally accepted in the halls of power, not just on campus. After all, heaps of hate and scorn could be dumped on the likes of Romney and Ryan and would be met with reverential silence.

Along comes a guy from Queens with a big mouth. But not just a big mouth. He’s got the common post WWII view of America and its place in the world: America Great, America First, America Here to Help! The cognoscenti thought they killed that, and they had pretty much done so in their halls of power. So who the hell does this SOB out of Gunsmoke and Car 54 think he is? (In a way, this also explains the particular rage among some of the actors in those old mafia movies.) Anyway, we now understand that Orange Man represents a worldview that the elite thought they had defeated, killed, and was dead and buried, but now he’s back, and telling millions they need be Quiet No More. Hence the outrage.

2 Responses to “We finally understand”

  1. Bosun Says:

    EXACTLY! There is a USA that the globalist elites don’t even know exists.

  2. Neil Says:

    Ohhhh, that’s a good point about DeNiro, and most of New Hollywood. They flattered themselves that the Duke was not only gone, but forgotten.

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