A modest suggestion

This fellow Barr is far too kind in calling the Russia etc probe a travesty. (And of course the WaPo swiftly countered that Barr is the travesty.)

Travesty doesn’t come close to what this nonsense is, and so we offer a modest suggestion. Every day a different senator, congressman, or administration executive should be that day’s Designated Spokesman to the media, fielding all manner of serious questions regarding the evil Orange Man.

Every day the Designated Spokesman is outfitted with a different look, showing how seriously so many of us take these profound issues of good and evil. To the best of his or her ability, the Designated Spokesmen should try to convey their thoughts in appropriate language – example: ruh-roh, or one of these.

Much better and clearer than Barr’s approach of speaking gravely and using subordinate clauses and so forth.

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