Candidate 1 versus Candidate 2

One: As president, he’d like to see fossil fuel executives criminally prosecuted. “The fossil fuel industry is probably criminally liable because they have lied and lied and lied when they had the evidence that their carbon products were destroying the planet, and maybe we should think about prosecuting them as well,” he said.

Two: has different plans for nuclear that encapsulate the debate, not only ruling out building new plants, but also wanting existing ones to close.

No nuke, no oil, no gas, no coal. Okay!! Punchline, as you sit outside your teepee trying to read at night: they’re all the same guy.

One Response to “Candidate 1 versus Candidate 2”

  1. feeblemind Says:

    If these people ever get their way in prosecuting energy officials for ‘destroying the planet’ or ‘enabling climate change’ then we are in serious, serious, trouble. The Dinocrat’s punchline may indeed come to pass.

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