Twilight Zone 2020

2020 is the time for Twilight Zone and its Greatest Episodes to rise from the ashes. The weirdness today lets us know that Rod Serling could film today’s transcript episode with (a) the original 50s/60s conclusion in red states, and (b) an opposite, Bizarro World conclusion in NYC, SFO, Portland, DC area, LA, and so forth. 100% market share with very low added filming costs and a nice pick-up in ad revenues. Hey, maybe Perry Mason could be remade the same way, but he’d have to lose a few more cases.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Off topic. More China:

    Money has been leaving China at a record rate. Beijing is battling to stem the tide

    China’s Central Asian Plans Are Unnerving Moscow

  2. feeblemind Says:

    re Twilight Zone.

    Thanks for the link. There are several episodes listed there I need to revisit.

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