And lock up Uncle Pennybags

“Give every American the opportunity to attend a two-year or four-year public college without paying a dime in tuition or fees.” K-12 education: Add $450 billion to Title I, $200 billion for students with disabilities, $100 billion for “excellence grants,” and $50 billion for school upgrades. Student-debt forgiveness: Write off $50,000 for households with incomes under $100,000.

Make companies with revenue over $1 billion obtain a new federal charter — separate from the current state charter system — that requires them to “consider the interests of all corporate stakeholders.” Give workers 40% of board seats.

Medicare for All: Mandate government coverage for everyone, including for illegal immigrants, with no copays or deductibles. Phase out the private plans of 170 million Americans.

Green New Deal: Spend $3 trillion, including $1.5 trillion on industrial mobilization, $400 billion on research, and $100 billion on a Marshall Plan. By 2030 hit 100% carbon-neutral power and 100% zero-emission new cars. Retrofit “4% of houses and buildings every year.”

Banking: Pass “a 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act that breaks up the big banks.” Let the U.S. Postal Service “partner with local community banks” to provide “basic banking services like checking and savings accounts.”

Recruit 10,000 people to “a 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps.” End entry fees at national parks. Buy flood-prone houses “for low-income homeowners at a value that will allow them to relocate.”

Tax the investment gains of the wealthiest 1% as ordinary income, meaning rates near 40% instead of today’s 23.8%. Apply the tax annually on gains via a “mark to market” system, even if the asset hasn’t been sold.

Also: Everyone except Uncle Pennybags can Pass Go and collect $200 or $200 trillion. No need to guess who proposes this, it could be many of the candidates, the squad etc. But the most important part of the program has been left out: (1) Rename the country.

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