Another mini-edition of two universes

Best of 2019 on Pacifica BB. If you’re one of the deplorables, you are a racist deplorable as is the guy you like, and this comes from all PhD professors at the highest universities. They are quite open and comfortable in their judgments, as are most in the skim is the scam world. Business and entrepreneurs are so tacky, don’t you know. Something really big is going to have to change to end this suicidal foolishness — big and unfortunately extremely bad. A very bad time for this country…

Update: the rare PhD VDH discusses the “battles against a now hard-leftist Democratic Party, the NeverTrump Right, the media, the academic and cultural elite, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and the Washington deep state. Never underestimate how greatly the hatred of Donald Trump can warp the mind of a Ph.D.”

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