Pick your universe

Here’s a Colorado political ad featuring St. Greta. Here’s the commentary from the page featuring the ad: “You and I face a crisis unlike any in human history but we can change course. How? By demanding respect for science and reason, by treating the climate crisis as an existential threat—and by electing leaders who will too. Watch our new video and chip in as much as you can to spread this message today. We’re taking on an enormous fight and winning won’t be easy. But the stakes are too high to do anything less. This is an emergency. Let’s act like it.”

What’s that we hear? Oh yeah, it’s Putin and Xi laughing in the background as they celebrate helping turn half the USA into idiots. Did we just say idiots?

Hide the decline.

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  1. Bosun Says:

    There is no bottom to the DUMBING DOWN! That anyone would pay attention to the pronouncements of what Mrs. Sebel would have called a “little snot” is clear evidence. Once again, Dick Marcinko said it best: “Doom on us.”

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