444 days too many

The 1979 hostage crisis was one of the worst things ever handled, er, mishandled. Despite the family being lifelong D’s, just couldn’t pull the lever in 1980 for the guy who screwed things up. Roger Kimball has a good piece on the current insanity: “the oblivion that wraps historical and political stupidity in blinking impunity will also extract any toll of responsibility from those future cheerleaders who denounce Donald Trump today. It is all part of the human comedy, distracting, amusing even, when approached with sufficient cynicism. It is not, however, agreeable or edifying.” Even worse than 1979, take a look at the front-runners today – they’re even worse than Carter. Even after the two generation breakdown of the US education system, the nuttiness makes no sense at all. (Yes it does: it’s all the result of global warming.)

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  1. Neil Says:

    I watched the Speaker of the House go on live TV today, and accuse both the President and the Senate Majority Leader of being agents of the Russian government. And I have no doubt that the people of San Francisco will return her to her seat in November. I really don’t know what to think about that.

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