How does 2020 end?

Dialogue between old broadcast veterans on a TV show about the upcoming election:

Speaker 1: “Do you think he will be a gracious loser? Do you think he will accept defeat and reach out the hand of friendship to whoever is going to replace him? I don’t think so. Can I see Donald Trump at that point making the argument that the election was stolen? Possibility, and I think that there are unfortunately millions of people in this country today who would respond to that in a fashion that I’m not even sure I want to consider all the consequences of where that might go. Could it lead to violence? Yes it could.”

Speaker 2: “You’ve given a pretty bleak assessment of where that goes and how it could get worse. In some ways people have compared this to an authoritarian tumult, even in the way it was in Germany in the 1930’s. Your family, your parents escaped Germany in 1937, got to England. Is that comparison in any way valid?”

Answer available on November 4…

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