Think, please

The S-76 isn’t that expensive, only $14MM or so, but it comes from a big company, and we’ve managed a number of its reliable engines. Not a bad choice. But if you’re worth $600MM, a few questions are in order. Most importantly, if the pilot isn’t IFR rated, what the heck were they doing in that chopper? The pilot had 8000 hours and wasn’t rated for IFR flights, what’s up with that? Earth to everyone: don’t EVER use that company for anything, even lighting a birthday cake.

2 Responses to “Think, please”

  1. Gringo Says:

    Good combination of links. Reminds of the old saying, “pennywise and pound foolish.”

  2. Mark Russell Says:

    Pilot was an IFR instructor so he was clearly rated for instrument flight. However, the company did not allow IFR flights so pilot was likely not proficient.

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