Numbers for a guy who is 78

21,869 votes: “Sanders winning 57% of voters under age 45 and an astounding 65% of those under 30. He won 20% of those 45 or older, Sanders only won 11% of seniors age 65.” We have no idea if these numbers are significant, but we did hear that Putin chartered buses to get all the youngsters to the polls.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    In my view it is a skewed sample. Only the truly motivated/enthusiastic turn out for caucuses. And these are all lefties to boot. Does not necessarily extrapolate into similar numbers of support from the general electorate. Dems have their work cut out in thwarting him from the nomination. One wonders what they will do if he has a majority of delegates going into the convention? Will they flip him the bird and nominate someone else anyway or let his kamikaze campaign go down in flames in the general?

    OTOH, perhaps mini-Mike will gain some traction? He is easily the sanest of the Dem candidates.

    Meanwhile, has Xi lost the Mandate of Heaven?

    Losing the Mandate of Heaven

    From the article:

    “Even the critics of authoritarian dictatorship will usually agree that the system beats democracy for sheer efficiency, but the coronavirus debacle has turned that old wisdom on its head. Where we might have expected cold and methodical governance, we have found dithering bureaucrats, unable to take a step in any direction, paralysed by what Xu Zhangrun calls “systemic impotence.” Weeks went by and citizens swarmed in and out of Wuhan, picking up the virus and transporting it to the far corners of the country. Local government officials stayed quiet, wary of the heavy hand of Xi Jinping. On January 23rd, a citywide quarantine was finally announced, but eight long hours passed before it was enacted—time enough for a million or more to flee the city.”

    The bureaucratic shortcomings cited here are not limited to dealing with the coronavirus, which will eventually burn itself out anyway. These same characteristics are going to stunt Chinese economic development long term. Count on it.

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