Odd Numbers

(a) US airlines stocks have fallen 43% from their peaks of a couple of years ago; (b) HNA, which we’ve written on, is getting chopped up into pieces; (c) Bloomie has gone bye-bye in 100 days after spending $0.5 billion (huh?); (d) The Caixin China manufacturing purchasing managers index‚Äôs 40.3 reading in February was the lowest since the survey began in April 2004. (e) Most interesting are these numbers which show that Trump got 1.3MM votes in the Texas primary, exactly the same as all the D’s, and perhaps Biden should ask his sis what the meaning of that is.

All in all, we’re quite encouraged.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Airline ticket prices are way down as well. My wife’s son is busy booking tickets. He says you can go to Hawaii for $300. There are bargains to be had if one is unafraid of The Virus.

    Re Bloomberg: You have to wonder if he was shocked to find how little his $500 million bought? I guess you have to give him credit for cutting his losses and ending his campaign. Funny thing. I still he think he was the sanest Democrat in the field, but then sanity is not only not a prerequisite for Democratic candidates, it may actually be a handicap.

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