First there was Guam

capsizing, now there’s arithmetic.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Yes. It was pretty amazing that they didn’t catch their error, but then journalists aren’t known for being good at arithmetic, or pretty much anything else for that matter.

  2. doc molloy Says:

    Back to 2008:
    When Russell Crowe gained accolades and Oscar nominations for his role as maths genius John Nash in A Beautiful Mind, most were surprised at his acting ability when not typecast as a beefy thug. Further proof that Russell is no maths genius, and was truly acting, was this interview with Jay Leno. He suggested the solution to America’s economic woes is to give each citizen $1million.

    “I have been intently watching the political process,” Crowe told Leno. “Um, so, here’s the thing: They’re looking for $700 billion, right? Which is a good chunk of change, but have you noticed whenever you go to a bank, or whenever you talk to a government department about what you need, they’ll never actually give you all of what you need? So, I don’t think we should do that for a start.

    “But I was thinking if they wanna stimulate the economy, get people spending, let people look after their … mortgage.

    “I think you take the first 300 million Americans, if that’s the population at this point in time, give everyone a million bucks.”

    Crowe’s idea to make every American a millionaire drew excited applause from the audience and agreement from Leno.

    “Oh yeah, that’ll work,” Leno said. “What are the taxes on that? But OK, that would work, yeah.”

    However, the New Zealand-born actor failed to do the maths, severely underestimating the cost of his bailout plan.

    The actual expense would be $300 trillion – a figure greater than the US’s entire annual gross domestic product.

    In a policy proposal not likely to provoke the interest of White House hopefuls Barack Obama and John McCain, the $US300 million ‘Crowe Plan’ would provide Americans with a paltry $1 each.

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